If I was in it for the money…

Currently I am a student in my fourth year of studies at a small Canadian University. The program I am enrolled in is Music Performance; to many people this may seem like a “useless” degree. Perhaps not “useless”, but they do think it will be extreamly hard for Music graduates to find jobs after they graduate.However there are many career opportunities for Music graduates in the music field, it’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.(http://musicschoolcentral.com/can-music-degree-70-careers-salaries-revealed/)

I am one of the fortunate students who already has experience relevant to my degree. For the past two summers I have worked at a local museum as an Educational Programming intern and a Public Relations intern (http://daysatdalyhouse.wordpress.com/ ) , these positions helped me secure an internship with a national music competition that began in September.

My initial interest in the competition came from a friend who was the administrative officer for the competition (S) and a professor/mentor (M) who is the artistic director for the competition. I took this curiosity and expanded on it by volunteering for the competition. I’ve always been the sort of person that enjoys working behind the scene and making the finished product be as polished as possible. Being able to shadow S as she prepared for the competition gave me a sense of what the competition weekend was all about.

S graduated from her undergrad in Piano and was offered a job at a museum in another province.I knew the position would be opening up, so I applied for the job. However, grant writing was added to the job description this year. Having never written a grant, and being a full time student, it was not ideal for me to take on this responsibility. The competition then hired G as their Administrative Officer and myself as their Administrative Intern.

This semester at school the students were given the opportunity to take an Introduction to Arts Administration course.The first four months of working for the competition have been a whirl wind. Fortunately for us, S volunteered to finish off the 2014 winners tour, which made our lives 110% easier. The Arts Administration course was top of my list to take considering it was now directly applicable to my job. I found the advice, information and guidance throughout the course very useful. It’s a very satisfying thing to organize situations and people in a setting that I’ve been a part of my entire life.However, if I was in it for the money I’d become a copy right lawyer.


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